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At our company, we understand the impact the travel industry and our use of carbon fiber has on the environment. That's why we're taking action to reduce our carbon footprint and strive for carbon neutrality in our operations by 2026. This includes applying for government support to maximize our use of solar energy.


We prioritize sustainability in everything we do, including the production of spare parts in our own factory in Italy. We also source materials from Italian suppliers to ensure quality control and minimize our environmental impact.


Our commitment to sustainability extends to our products, as well. We pledge never to produce plastic luggage and are actively working to eliminate all plastic parts from our products. Instead, we use aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber, and even in our entry-level line, we use hard carbon fiber wheel housing for mounting our aluminum solid block wheels.


We're always looking for ways to improve, which is why we've committed to working with our material suppliers on R&D research. If you're an expert in cutting-edge materials science, we invite you to contact us to share information and collaborate on our use of carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum in our products.