Tecknomonster is a company that defies conventions and pushes boundaries in the world of luggage and bags. We are proud to be a company that operates independently, without the influence of venture capital investors. This freedom allows us to prioritize excellence over profits and to never cut corners in the pursuit of creating the best luggage in the world. Our commitment to quality has earned us partnerships making carbon fiber body parts for MV Agusta superbikes and luggage and bags for Lamborghini Automobili.


TecknoMonster was founded by Giacomo Valentini in 2007 as a concept project to make the best luggage in the world in Italy with Italian design and flair.

  • Worlds first hard carbon fiber luggage trolleys and
  • Worlds first titanium luggage trolleys
  • Italy’s first soft carbon fiber bags
  • Tecknomonster partners with Lamborghini, MV Agusta and Azimut Yachts
  • Samuel L Jackson buys TecknoMonster soft carbon backpack in Italy
  • Gal Gadot uses briefcase in Wonder Woman
  • First monobrand store Taipei


At our company, we understand the impact the travel industry and our use of carbon fiber has on the environment. That's why we're taking action to reduce our carbon footprint and strive for carbon neutrality in our operations by 2026. This includes applying for government support to maximize our use of solar energy.

We prioritize sustainability in everything we do, including the production of spare parts in our own factory in Italy. We also source materials from Italian suppliers to ensure quality control and minimize our environmental impact.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our products, as well. We pledge never to produce plastic luggage and are actively working to eliminate all plastic parts from our products. Instead, we use aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber, and even in our entry-level line, we use hard carbon fiber wheel housing for mounting our aluminum solid block wheels.

We're always looking for ways to improve, which is why we've committed to working with our material suppliers on R&D research. If you're an expert in cutting-edge materials science, we invite you to contact us to share information and collaborate on our use of carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum in our products.


At our company, we embrace traditional methods and firmly believe in the honesty of making our products in-house. We are proud to carry on the legacy of skilled artisans who took pride in the design and creation of their products with their own hands.


Our investment in skilled carbon fiber craftsmen results in the production of the world's most luxurious luggage. We even go the extra mile by designing and making all of our own parts instead of relying on mass-produced components. This dedication to detail sets us apart and allows us to confidently claim that we make the best luggage in the world.


We take full control of the production process, including spare parts, and ship directly to you from our factory in Italy. Our focus on detail, quality craftsmanship, and pride in what we make establishes us as the leader in high-end luggage.


As the sun set on a beautiful late afternoon in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Michael was on a family holiday and wine-buying trip to the nearby Vermentino di Gallura DOCG region. After spending 13 years building something great with RIMOWA luggage, he spotted something even more luxurious in a shop window. He rushed inside to examine it and asked the shopkeeper if he could get in touch with the brand's owners. To his surprise, he received a call the next morning and was invited to a yacht show where TecknoMonster was showcasing their products alongside Azimut. Interestingly, neither Michael nor the Sales Director of Tecknomonster had ever been to Porto Cervo before, but fate brought them together that day. After meeting the Founder two weeks later at the factory near Milan, the rest, as they say, is history.

  • Giacomo Valentini

    Giacomo comes from a family with a long history of factory owners in Gallarate, near Milan's Malpensa airport. His father was a visionary in the refrigeration industry, and his uncle owned a successful aviation company, Avio Milano. Raised by an artistic mother and an industrious engineer father, it's no surprise that Giacomo has become both the artistic designer and founder of his aerospace luggage and bag company. This rare combination is likely the reason he has created the world's best luggage, along with his incredible passion and lack of limitations from outside investors.

    With typical Milanese pride and flair, Giacomo created products for his close friends, including the Italian prince, selling his products at the Monaco yacht club. He went to great lengths to ensure the beauty and style that only an Italian could bring to his products, paying attention to every detail and producing a result that should not even exist. Giacomo's work inspires awe, and he should be applauded for his tireless dedication and creative genius.

  • Michael de Prenda

    Back in 2003 while Michael was woking in the Taiwan IT industry, a close friend introduced him to a German luggage company Rimowa after his and Michael’s Samsonite luggage both broke around the same time. He quickly realized that not only did he love the luggage, but he felt this is a brand that would appeal to the whole of Greater China. He purchased a whole container and created the world's first Rimowa monobrand concept store in Taipei. Michael then hired top talent from the European luxury sector to properly position the brand, and later moved back to the United States to open shops in Hawaii and on the West Coast, including locations on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Post Street in San Francisco.

    In 2015, Michael returned to Taiwan to open a food and wine distribution business and Michelin-guide-level restaurants and cafes. While on holiday in Italy in 2017, collecting food and wine brands, he stumbled upon what he saw as the world's most luxurious luggage brand. It was unknown except by the Italian super-rich yacht and Lamborghini owners as they made the bags for Lamborghini and was partnered with Azimuth yachts as well. Michael hired Prada architect Paolo Giachi to design stores in Taipei and Macau, and now after the COVID-19 pandemic, he is reviving the brand with a relaunch and refresh.