Titanium Luggage


Tecknomonster is the innovator behind the world's first and only 100% hand-made titanium trolley, crafted in Italy using helicopter technology.


    The Kronos collection by TecknoMonster embodies the perfect union of engineering prowess and Italian craftsmanship. It is crafted entirely from Commercially Pure (CP) Titanium Ti22, boasting a purity of over 99%. Titanium is renowned for its exceptional resistance to corrosion, rivaling that of platinum, and its high strength-to-weight ratio. Stronger than steel, lightweight, and able to endure extreme temperatures, it is a widely utilized material in the aviation and aerospace industries.

    Kronos is available in Titanium Natural color or anodized black finishing.


    Our anti-theft closure system can be used with both a TSA combination lock or single-use security seal locking holes for added security.


    The interior of Kronos is lined with a luxurious, made-in-Italy jacquard fabric that is soft, elegant, and easily sanitized. It features a zipper for convenient inspection and repairs, as well as two internal dividers.


    In the spirit of TecknoMonster’s Italian founder Giacomo Valentini, we make no compromises in our quest for excellence using aerospace technology to create a suitcase which is like an Italian work of art, by combining design and beauty with technological innovation. Each trolley is hand assembled with over 120 rivets. On request to create something extra special, we can also use 100% Titanium rivets.


    We present to you a true value superior to any other luggage in the world with hinges, parts and wheels all milled by CNC machine from a single block of aircraft Ergal aerospace aluminum.


    Autoclave compressed solid carbon fiber blocking system for telescopic handle mechanism. Our corporate DNA is carbon fiber which is why we make no compromises in our quest to make the best luggage in the world and we would never use plastic parts.


    Our 360° pivoting, elastothermic polyurethane wheels with ball bearings system offer ultra smooth, silent, and long-lasting performance. As in-house designers and craftsmen in Italy, we guarantee their reliability, strength, and lightness, and they are the quietest wheels in the luggage industry. With over 2 years of use and testing, they are the best in the luggage world.


    Accents of supercar leather handles with contrasting hand- stitching all made in Italy. Since we make the luggage and bags for Lamborghini we also use the same exact leather supplier that they use. Think convertible car seats made for durability and rain and the sun. Top quality and only the best for the discerning clients. We make no compromises in our quest to make the best bags and luggage in the world.


    As per our corporate carbon fiber DNA, TecknoMonster cabin size trolleys can feature a super-light and durable soft carbon fiber pocket with supercar leather trimmings, to place your laptop or last minute items.