Aluminum Luggage

ALUMINUM TECHNOLOGY - Where most of our competitors top luggage trolley line is aluminum, this is our entry level material. However, we take it to another level by incorporating
carbon fiber from our workshop in the wheel housings and pockets and using solid block aircraft aluminum axles and ball bearing super silent wheels. Our aim is to create the world's best aluminum luggage trolleys selling for nearly the same price as our competitors. 

At the moment we only offer carry-on size trolleys but will soon add larger check-in cases as well.


    Each aircraft grade monocoque aluminum shell is individually forged from first quality high-thickness aluminum.


    TecknoMonster trolleys are each anodized using motorcycle technology for scratch resistance and come in 9 vivid metal color finishes. 


    Our 360° pivoting polyurethane wheels with ball bearings offer smooth, silent, and long-lasting performance. Made by Italian designers and craftsmen, they are reliable, strong, and lightweight, the quietest in the luggage industry with over 20 years of use and testing.


    We present to you a true value superior to any other luggage in the world with hinges, parts and wheels all milled by CNC machine from a single block of aircraft Ergal aerospace aluminum.

  • Hard Carbon Wheel Housing

    As per the carbon fiber in our DNA and our quest to make the best luggage in the world, we use carbon fiber wheel housings for our aluminum luggage trolleys. This sets us apart from the competition and aligns with our commitment to eliminating all plastic and our pledge to never use plastic shells.


    Italian supercar leather handles, with or without contrast stitching, made with the same supplier as Lamborghini's seats. Durable, weather-resistant, perfect for our premium luggage handles. No compromises in crafting the world's best luggage.


    Our company's stitching and embroidering machines produce masterpieces in quilting on supercar alcantara and luxurious leathers for exceptional detailing.