TecknoMonster Security

In TecknoMonster we made an analysis of travel security and a big problem is caused by any Tsa locker which apparently grants the privacy and closure of your luggage but on the contrary anybody can open with a Tsa key which unfortunately is no more only in the hands of Usa Authorities. In order to avoid this, we have studied a locking system which ensures the full security and safety and can prove a breakage of unauthorized people.
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TecknoMonster Lock is Tsa 3 numerical combination, Usa Custom approved.
To set your combination, just to push the bottom button and change with your personal code, then release the button.

The front side where to see the combination, is indicated by a white vertical line.
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Security Seals TecknoMonster security seals for private check, is a disposable patented security seal Swiss Made, which can be added to all closures and zip pullers eyelets, for the purpose to check whether the luggage has been tampered by someone or inspected by custom authorities.
Purpose of TK Seals is to understand if the luggage has been opened, and in case you can use as evidence of intrusion. TK Seals have a serial code and a writable area for signature or where to put the date.
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The only way to open a TK Seal is to cut with a sharp edge tool.
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